File Storage

Word_2013_file_icon.svgOnce I have edited a document and sent it back to you, I will keep my copy of that document for a standard 60 day period. If you would like me to keep it longer for security reasons, I will gladly do so; however, if no mention is made of this, I will assume to keep the file for 60 days only. During that time period, I will send you file as many times as you might need it.

If you have any questions pertaining to file storage or copyright, click here.

August 2015 Promotion


This month, take advantage of 25% off editing services, here at Elemental Editing.
In case you are wondering how this affects pricing, I have provided the temporary prices below:

Proofreading: $2.50 $1.87/page

Copy Editing: $3.50 $2.63/page

Stylistic Editing:$7.00 $5.25/page

Structural Editing:$8.00 $6.00/page

Take advantage by sending me your resumes, proposals, essays, lab reports, PowerPoint presentations, scripts, poetry, and short stories because they are all 25% off for the month of August 2015.

Click here to get started.
Click here to see more information about editing classifications.

New Colours and Design

Elemental Editing is reborn thanks to Rhonda Jai Designs.

I hope everyone likes the new layout. If you like the Elemental Editing header and would like your own custom work, please visit Rhonda’s website at or follow her on Twitter at
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