About Me


I’ve had a love for the written word for as long as I can remember. Growing up, I absolutely loved libraries… but they didn’t really like me.

You see, as a child, there were more than a few incidents where I was caught marking up books with red pen (a big ol’ shout out/sorry to my mom and to every library from which I have ever borrowed).

Although I am now aware of the social and legal impropriety of my actions, I must point out that I was not a vandal. While I knew it was wrong to write in a book that was not mine, I felt that the worse crime was allowing spelling and grammar mistakes to remain in a good work of fiction. I felt like a superhero, going through the text and correcting the mistakes so that no one after me would have to stop and wonder, What is wrong with this sentence? There’s something wrong, but I can’t put my finger on it… Where was I?

From an early age I knew how important grammatical consistency was. When there are mistakes, it tears you away from the imaginary world that you were engrossed in, no matter how well-written the story. For this reason, I’m only a tiny bit remorseful that I improved the grammar of all of those books…

It wasn’t until I was about nineteen years old when I realized that my love for books and the English language was more than just a hobby. I had an epiphany and, due to this realization, I promptly quit Veterinary Technology and enrolled at Queen’s University to study English and Religious Studies. I ended up studying religion because I felt that the content was fascinating and relevant in terms of current religious and political conflict. I studied English to cultivate my writing skills, while also taking select courses that focused on literary analysis, grammar, and editing style.

So now, here I am, a Queen’s graduate, living in the exciting city of Toronto, working as a financial editor, and freelancing through my business, Elemental Editing. I have kicked my spontaneous editing habit and now focus my skills solely on documents that have been given to me willingly. I have indeed progressed, but I by no means intend to stop here. I will keep moving forward and upward, mastering the ever-changing rules associated with Canadian English grammar.

If you have read this far, I appreciate your curiosity, and I would love for you to be a part of my journey. I know, through our writer-editor relationship, that we will learn a lot from each other.

I look forward to our correspondence.

Jessica Wayner

The following are a list of classes that have aided my career in editing:
WRIT 265 – Editing in an Academic and Professional Environment
ENGL 292 – Introduction to Literary Criticism and Theory
ETHS 150 – Bioethics
ENGL 200 – History of English Literature
ENGL 223 – Selected Women Writers II
ENGL 237 – Children’s Literature
ENGL 277 – Literature and Gender
PHIL 115 – Fundamental Questions
PHIL 271 – Philosophy of Literature
RELS 328 – Interpretation of Apocalyptic Literature