September 2015 Promotion

To celebrate a new school year, take advantage of $30 essay edits at Elemental Editing. As long as you are a high school, college, or university student in Ontario, this promotion applies to you for the month of September only!

Email me your essays, scripts, slideshows, projects, and proposals, and I will help you get the high grade that you deserve for only $30. Of course, I am human, so I must limit the promotion to documents no longer than 6 double-spaced, standard margin, 12-font, Times New Roman pages.

Also, just to make it clear, I only edit content. While editing, I can help cultivate the ideas within your work, I can even check your sources to make sure they are accurate, but I cannot research and add sources as that would fall into ghost writing.

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File Storage

Word_2013_file_icon.svgOnce I have edited a document and sent it back to you, I will keep my copy of that document for a standard 60 day period. If you would like me to keep it longer for security reasons, I will gladly do so; however, if no mention is made of this, I will assume to keep the file for 60 days only. During that time period, I will send you file as many times as you might need it.

If you have any questions pertaining to file storage or copyright, click here.